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What Is Documentation Based Care (DBC)?

  • DBC is a concept based on knowledge obtained from scientific research,formed by a combination of assessments,treatments and outcome monitoring protocols.


What is the difference between DBC program and conventional physiotherapy?


What do we treat?

  • DBC delivers proven solutions to treatment of challenging back,neck,shoulder,knee and other musculoskeletal problems.


What are our aims?

  • Restore range of motion (ROM)

  • Restore muslce co-ordination & movement control

  • Improve muscle endurance

  • Improve general condition

  • Reduce fear and avoidance behavior

  • Tackle occupational obstacles to return-to-work and functional restoration


What are the chances of recovery?

  • The Unique quality assurance system of DBC ensures the achievement of concrete effectiveness throughout the whole network of DBC centers.

  • Treatment results obtained at DBC centers are reported to DBC International by using special software and are analyzed twice a year.

  • According to the treatment results,DBC constantly achieves 83% success rate in pain reduction & 75% in functional improvement.


Can my physio treatment with DBC be claimed by insurance?

  • DBC treatment is recognized by insurance companies & managed care companies on out patient care.

  • For further information on your coverage for physio treatment kindly call DBC HQ.


How do i continue after my programmed?

  • After the first module of treatment,based on the level of improvement,you can decide either to continue on a second module or start a maintenance programmed (two sessions per week) or follow a home exercise programmed in order to maintain the results.

  • You will also be given advice on other activities or sports in terms of their suitability for your condition and the possibility of individual modification.


What to expect when you come to DBC?

  • Doctors / Specialist refers you to DBC Physiotherapy Centre with clear diagnosis of your musculoskeletal problem.

  • Baseline assessment is done by qualified physiotherapist.

  • Assessment includes pain,limitation of movements,muscle strength, over-activity of muscle etc.

  • You will be advised to undergo a 6-weeks,or 12-weeks active rehabilitation programme with DBC,tailored based on the baseline assesment.

  • Active exercise will be progressed according to DBC protocol and patient capability.

  • Outcome assesment is carried out after you have completed DBC programme and our physiotherapist will run through the results with you thoroughly.